plavix nach nstemi

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Ian Lester, 37, who has a genetic immunodeficiency, tested positive back in December 2020, beginning a seven-and-a-half-month battle with chest tightness, headaches and fatigue.

Ian could not get a jab when immunocompromised people were first eligible as he was still testing positive.

But scientists at Cardiff University then decided to give him two doses of Pfizer’s jab to help his immune system fight back.

His Covid levels plunged 64-fold within a fortnight of the first jab, and Ian, from Pontypridd, rogaine post pregnancy was finally rid of it last August, 72 days after his first vaccine.

The case report published in the Journal of Clinical Immunology shows his body’s T-cell response also became stronger.

He said: “I was over the moon and beyond relieved to finally be negative.”

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