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Regardless of whether the topic is men or women, opinion is often divided on pubic hair removal with some arguing it promotes better hygiene and others arguing the contrary.

Ultimately, whether or not one shaves down below is regarded a matter of preference, as both shaving and not shaving come with their pros and cons.

On the pro-shaving front, however, one men’s grooming expert has recommended that men shave their pubic region at least once every four weeks.

Citing a2017 studyinto men’s grooming habits in the United States, Mohamed Hassan, founder ofStyleRecap, notes that 42 percent of men shave their pubic hair monthly, while around 35 percent do so weekly.

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Thirteen percent of men who participated in the study, however, said they shaved their pubic hair less than once a month.

But grooming expert Hassan urges men to regularly shave their pubes, an act he calls ‘manscaping’.

He says: “Shaving or trimming your pubic hair once every 1 to 4 weeks is the optimal option. The exact frequency comes down to your personal preference and your manscaping style.”

He adds that using a depilatory cream, wax, or laser hair removal could mean one needs to shave less often, and that those with sensitive skin or are at risk of ingrown hairs should limit their manscaping sessions to once a month.

As a shaving tip, Hassan says: “Shave with the grain using a delicate beard trimmer or body groomer and shaving cream (wet shaving).”

He also advises men with overgrown pubic hair to use scissors to “cut the hair to a suitable length that the pubic hair trimmer can handle” to minimise “tugging and pulling”.

He adds: “Balls’ hair often tends to grow slower than the rest of pubic hair. If you want hairless or clean-shaven balls, you need to do it frequently. But, if you prefer well-trimmed balls, you should shave them once a week or once every couple of weeks.

“It’s worth mentioning that the hair on the shaft also grows less quickly than the hair above the penis. Yet the balls’ hair growth rate is still lower.”

There are several benefits for men associated with shaving their privates, including better hygiene due to bacteria having fewer places to manifest.

Shaving the pubic region may also provide better comfort for men, as overgrown pubic hair may trap heat, whereas a clean shave allows more ventilation.

But not all are convinced about the benefits of manscaping, as shaving could irritate the skin and allow bacteria to enter the body through small cuts, leading to infections.

Mayo Clinicadvises consulting a doctor before attempting to shave your pubes, as doing so could lead to one contacting dermatitis from shaving products.

Mayo Clinic also warns that shaving pubes could increase the risk of contracting or transmitting viral infections, such as herpes simplex or HPV through cuts in the skin.

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