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Each month, Sarah shares her thoughts on health, wellness and female empowerment and, naturally, some delightfully delicious recipes too. Today, she talks us through what it was like growing up as a model and how she learned to love her body and find inner peace after leaving the industry to pursue her culinary skills as a chef. 

Diary of the lockdown weight yoyo.  

What does a healthy body look like? The answer is highly subjective and the way we feel about our own body is dependent on our state of mind. Being comfortable in our own skin requires mental strength. If we put on a few kilos, we are afraid of being judged. If you are in the public eye as I am, people aren’t afraid to let you know about it. I have learnt to laugh it off and, buy online benicar canadian pharmacy no prescription  at present, my excuse is ‘Lockdown kilos + smiley face”. At other times, it is that I am testing recipes for a new cookbook or menu for my restaurant. My advice is, to be honest, being vulnerable shows courage.  This is when everything starts to fall into place. Just be yourself.   

About two months into the lockdown last year, I jumped on the health bandwagon and managed to significantly increase my fitness level and maintain a positive mindset. It has been a constant battle between that Sarah and the Sarah who likes to do little exercise, snack all day and eat lots of chocolate and unhealthy carbs. This Sarah piled on 10kgs.   

When I was a model, the emphasis was on the way I looked, and this meant keeping in top shape. I worked hard to maintain that stereotypical look.My focus now as a chef is not so much on how I look but on how I feel. One thing I have learnt is to not be so hard on myself. Although I’ve put on a lot of weight since those modelling days, I look in the mirror and feel proud of what my body can do, what it’s been through and what it’s going to take me through in the future.

We get a lot of knocks and judgements along the way. Negative comments can stay with us for years if we allow them to. I’ve been there! Now I am working on my inner peace and confidence. 

I want to share with you my tips for getting back into a sustainable routine.   

Don’t start everything at once. 

I begin with what I feel I can tackle emotionally and physically. Generally, the first and easiest step is to start with what I am putting into my body. I increase my vegetable intake and cut out snacking in between meals. Snacking is the killer for me.   To stop the craving, I have a few suggestions to keep your mind off food: 

  • Have a long relaxing soak in Epsom Salts.   
  • I keep a jar of natural bone broth concentrate in the fridge. If I feel the urge to snack, I’ll add a teaspoon of Meadow & Marrow nutrient-dense bone broth concentrate to a cup of boiled water. I can sip on this for the next 30 minutes and it usually gets me across the line.   
  • I always have a cup of tea or my masala chai. It does have caffeine and I find it can affect my sleep, so I avoid drinking it after 1pm.

After one week, add light exercise. 

  • I start by getting in 10,000 steps every day.  I like to complete a brisk walk each day for about 1 hour (approximately 6 to 7 kilometres). 
  • I incorporate a mix of Pilates, toning and yoga at FS8 South Yarra.  In the early stage it is hard to stick to one discipline for 45 minutes.  These training sessions keep my mind and body active, and I enjoy the change of pace between the three disciplines.    
  • In the second week, I find the motivation still needs a push.  I add a once-a-week strength and weight training session.  This is the quickest way to get my body into shape. 
  • On Week three, I step things up a little. I swap 3 days a week with a high-intensity run and I lift weights. With an adjustable dumbbell I can gradually increase the weight. 
  • I use Kayla Itsines’ app ‘Sweat’ to get in that heavier weight training.   
  • An Apple watch helps me to hit my goals each day. 
  • The ‘Nike Run Club’ app has become a favourite of mine. Motivation is the key and if you find something that works for you, it will push you further. 

NB:  When exercising, it is vital to keep hydrated.  I add a pinch of sea salt to my water. 

Have expectations and create goals   

It is vital to start and finish the day with a good mindset.  I now write a daily journal.  Whether I write about gratitude, my frustrations, achievements, or expectations, it is a fantastic stress reliever. We manifest the life we believe we deserve. I know that no matter what knocks I get along the way, I will be ok. I am worthy of happiness, success, comfort, fulfilment, peace, joy, and love.  And so are you! 

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