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It’s no secret that we at SheKnows love a good vibrator (or, azithromycin dental prophylaxis dose more realistically: 100+ good vibrators). So I’m thrilled to introduce you, dear reader, to my new bestie in the clitoral vibe world: Stella.

When I first heard our sisters over at STYLECASTER teamed up with one of our favorite sex toy retailers (Ella Paradis) to create the vibrator of their dreams, I immediately knew it was something I wanted in my collection (preferably ASAP). In a market where there’s just a lot of sex toys (all cool and shiny and sexy) dropping every other week, it helps to know and trust where your toy is coming from — and I’m delighted to report that it has totally passed my personal vibe check (pun intended) with flying colors.

A bit about her: Stella is a sweet mid-sized vibe that is hand-held (I really dug the handle because it was easy to keep exactly where you want it and hold without twisting your wrist around too much) featuring a strong flicking tongue surrounded by silicone vibrating nubs — offering two totally complimentary types of stimulation. Whisper quiet once it’s settled against you, it offers ten speeds (from something more subtle to higher more OMG-worthy ones) and is both USB rechargeable and waterproof.

And, although it’s not too important, it’s also really cute. The sweet light blue color makes it super un-intimidating for people new to sex toys and #aesthetic and unique for more experienced toy collectors who are tired of purple, pink and black toys (yawn).

Taking Stella for a spin, the flicking tongue-like feature was absolutely a stand-out selling point. There are a lot of hyper-realistic toys out there that claim to mimic oral sex through suction, pressure or flicks — but this one offers the tongue and mouth-like feeling (owed to the subtle-yet-substantial flick paired with the vibrations)  without the toy taking on a spooky, sci-fi look or crossing into Uncanny territory. It is a toy that gets results but doesn’t make it weird along the way and I love that.

I think this toy would be an excellent choice for someone who isn’t fond of the rumbly wand-like vibrations (particularly if that can get too intense) but needs a bit more action and movement than a vibrating egg or regular suction vibe can offer. I also think, for couples who have mixed feelings about giving and receiving oral sex, this could be a great way to offer a foreplay (or mid-sex) assist to help vulva-owners make it over the edge — as it’s a bit easier to handle (thanks to its handle) than some of the other clitoral stimulators on the market.

All in all, Stella has made comfortably made a name for herself in my bedside drawer and my heart and you’ll absolutely want to check her out if you’re in the market for a new toy.

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