Steelers Najee Harris refutes MNF report he slept on floor in college: I slept on my bed

Steelers rookie running back Najee Harris commanded a significant portion of the “Monday Night Football” broadcast early in the Steelers-Bears game, though not necessarily for his on-field exploits.

Much of the discussion between Steve Levy, Louis Riddick and Brian Griese in the booth centered on Harris’ childhood in the San Francisco Bay Area, where he and his family occasionally dealt with homelessness before he went onto stardom at Antioch (Calif.) High School and, later, the University of Alabama.

Levy also mentioned during the broadcast that Harris slept on the floor of his dormitory in his first few months at Alabama, as it was something he had gotten used to growing up. Indeed, articles from the San Francisco Chronicle and DK Pittsburgh Sports indicate that Harris did sleep on the floor during his childhood.

But Harris, in a tweet sent after the Steelers’ 29-27 victory on Monday, denied ever having slept on the floor while at Alabama:

It appears Levy got his Alabama players mixed up: Josh Jacobs, a former Crimson Tide running back who also dealt with homelessness in Oklahoma, actually did sleep on the floor during his first few months at Alabama.

An excerpt from a 2018 Bleacher Report article by Adam Kramer matches Levy’s on-air report:

“When he arrived at Alabama, Josh Jacobs spent his first few months sleeping on the floor in his dorm room. Not because he didn’t have a bed. But because after years of sleeping on couches, on motel floors and in the back seat of his father’s maroon Chevy Suburban, he was more comfortable there.”

ESPN’s decision to focus on Harris early in its “MNF” broadcast coincides with an article by Brooke Pryor detailing the help he and his family have given to the Greater Richmond (Calif.) Interfaith Program, one of several homeless shelters they stayed at during his childhood.

Harris’ story has been well documented, including the fact he hosted his draft-day party at the same homeless shelter. That said, it’s curious how Levy got Harris and Jacobs’ stories mixed up, especially on the “Monday Night Football” stage.

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