Joe Burrow jokes about retiring because of his ‘tiny hands’

Well, it was a great run, but it looks like Heisman-winner and No. 1-pick-to-be Joe Burrow might call it quits following the release of his hand measurements at the 2020 NFL Combine on Monday.

Following the results and some criticism, Burrow joked about an early retirement.

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We’ve got to “hand” it to him — Burrow really handled this devastating news as well as anyone possibly could.

In all seriousness, Burrow’s hands may be tied for the smallest of any first-round quarterback since 2008, but it’s clear that he’s still one of the best quarterback prospects of the last decade.

It really is a shame that Burrow’s hands are only 9 inches wide, he won’t be able to make throws like this.

There’s just no way he’ll be able to run an offense with baby hands like those.

And he won’t be able to avoid pressure when he’s constantly dropping the ball.

Oh wait, he’ll probably be just fine and be a longtime starting quarterback for many years. After all, size isn’t everything.

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