Fantasy TE Rankings Week 1: Who to start, sit at tight end in fantasy football

The Week 1 fantasy TE  rankings see the top-tier guys at the top of our list. Unlike any other position, the top three of Travis Kelce, George Kittle, and Darren Waller are likely to remain at worst among the top five each week. With those three, matchups hardly matter. While they may see movement among themselves, it’s hard to ever rank any of them lower than that. At such a thin position, there simply isn’t enough depth to shale up the rankings in a major way like at QB, RB, or WR. Tight end is truly a uniquely top-heavy position in fantasy football.

On the flip side, because of the nature of the position, we might see a guy like Mike Gesicki within the top seven TEs in a given week. Matchups have extreme significance as we move down the list. At tight end, sometimes the best we can hope for is a touchdown and maybe a few catches near the bottom of the starter’s tier. If we notice trends of tight ends producing well against a certain team, a guy that sat in the mid-20s of our preseason rankings could see himself in the top 10 of weekly rankings.


Of course, it’s tough to really have a feel for matchups in Week 1. Moreover, it’s tough to know which TEs — especially if they’re on new teams or have new coaches — will be featured. We’re projecting more than ever here, which is why most of the top guys in our preseason rankings are still hovering around the starter’s tier. We’ve seen them get targets and produce in the past, so that’s the No. 1 thing we have to go on. 

This week, we like Dallas Goedert, despite the presence of Zach Ertz. Atlanta has and seemingly always been a goldmine for starting players against their defense. Gesicki sits as 14 this week, as the New England defense is expected to look like the classic Pats defenses from the past. And again, while Waller faces a tough defense at home against Baltimore, it’s extremely difficult to justify him being ranked any lower than No. 3. He’s the focal point of the offense no matter what — something we can’t say about a lot of the other tight ends behind him.

We’ll be updating these TE rankings as needed throughout the week, so check back for the latest changes and analysis.

Fantasy TE Rankings Week 1: Who to start at tight end

Rankings based on standard, non-PPR scoring

Individual analysis will be added early next week and updated throughout the week to reflect any changes to the rankings.

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