‘Disgusting’ way NFL prospect gained 31kg

It almost seems counterintuitive but often NFL hopefuls need to stack on the weight to break into the big league.

And some of the ideas guys come up with are truly crazy.

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A Fresno State guard named Netane Muti is 315 pounds (142kg), and put on the best part of three kg with a 10×10 from In-N-Out burger, which is 10 beef patties and 10 slices of cheese.

It’s a glutton’s dream and probably the normal way for a college player to stack on weight in quick time.

But this year’s champion of the most disgusting way of piling on the pounds has to go to St John University’s offensive tackle Ben Bartch.

Starting as a tight end for the division III college team, Bartch saw an opportunity as an offensive tackle.

It’s rare for a division III player to be up for the Draft but Bartch showed he was committed to the switch, stacking on 70 pounds (31kg) with a truly disgusting breakfast smoothie.

Take seven eggs, a large tub of cottage cheese, one cup of quick grits (a corn based porridge from the US), two tablespoons of peanut butter, a banana and 600mL of Gatorade and chuck it in the blender.

Ben Bartch is probably just happy he doesn’t still have to have that drink.Source:Twitter

SB Nation reported it comes in at 1995 calories in one gut busting drink.

They also editorialised, saying “Bartch’s shake is horrifying. It’s disgusting. It’s … unnecessary. The general flavour profile of this shake is ‘bunch of trash’, and that’s precisely what he’s putting in his body.”

It didn’t sound like much fun for Bartch either.

“I would just throw it all in and then plug my nose,” he said. “In the dark. I would gag sometimes. That’s what you have to do sometimes.”

2,000 calories. In one shake. Someone draft Ben Bartch so he can stop doing this to himself ? https://t.co/eYOxaCQDzD

I feel like there’s better and more fun ways to gain weight, but this feels like the most strength coach way to do it https://t.co/tLN29euYcT

Bartch is expected to be a mid-round draftee but he could be a good get as he’s shown he will put in the hard yards for his craft.

Originally a tight end, the St John’s University defensive coaches noticed he was the best blocker in practices.

Turned out pretty well for Bartch.Source:Twitter

The following year, he was still a third string tight end and his coaches told him to switch to the O-Line.

“I told him, ‘Offensive line would be a great spot for you’,” his coach said to The Athletic. “‘You’re going to be our third tight end. The other two guys are a little faster than you. They have better hands than you. But we need an offensive tackle, and you would be perfect’.”

With the help of his shake, he’s bulked up and is ready to hit the NFL at 308 pounds (139kg)

On Wednesday, Bartch said he had interviews scheduled with the LA Chargers, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, San Francisco 49ers and Tennessee Titans Titans.

If Bartch is selected, he would be the first draftee out of St John’s since the Minnesota Vikings took Kurt Wachtler in the 15th round in 1974.

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