Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles earns bachelor’s degree from Mount St. Mary’s University

Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles has earned his bachelor’s degree from Mount St. Mary’s, the university announced in a statement Tuesday.

Thirty-seven years after leaving college to pursue a professional playing career, the longtime NFL coach has completed the requirements for a Bachelor of Science in youth and community development. Bowles said he’d always wanted to finish his degree, with his interest increasing in recent years due to his desire to set an example for his family and children in his community.

“Completing my degree was something I had always wanted to do over the years because it was something I had promised my mother when I went to play in the NFL, and I wanted to follow through on that promise,” Bowles said. “Over the years, as I became a father, it became something I wanted to do in order to set a proper example for my sons as they continue on their educational paths. I have also worked pretty extensively with children through my various community projects, and I felt it was important to show them they can achieve whatever they set their mind to.”

Encouragement from Bowles’ longtime agent Anthony Agnone was what finally set the wheels in motion in the summer of 2020. Agnone, a Mount St. Mary’s alumnus himself, recommended the school’s Accelerated and Adult Education program as a way for Bowles to complete his studies while still working as the Bucs’ then-defensive coordinator.

Bowles did not limit his involvement with the Mount St. Mary’s community to just his own studies, as he took time to discuss his coaching experiences with current sports management students and middle schoolers participating in the university’s College Experience Camp. Bowles also served as a guest lecturer for a sports management class in spring of 2021.

“If we could mold someone directly from our mission statement, Todd would be it — from giving back to the community, grit, and strong leadership — he’s it,” said associate professor Corrine Farneti, for whose class Bowles guest-lectured.

Bowles has plans to attend Mount St. Mary’s official commencement ceremonies in May of 2023.

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