Bill Belichick pulled a Bill Belichick on Monday and it was beautiful

Bill Belchick has lived his whole career be being unpredictable and while mostly going his own way.

From going with a kid named Tom Brady over Drew Bledsoe to devising defensive game plans for Super Bowls and other big games that that totally befuddle and shut down young coaches and younger star QBs to wearing sweatshirts with no sleeves and sometimes lots of holes – Belichick has always done what he thought was right for his team and his guys.

That continued Monday when Belichick opened up his GM wallet and, to the surprise of many, spent money like it was burning a hole in his pocket.

(By the way, Steven Ruiz and Charles McDonald are breaking down all the big free agency signings as they happen right here. You’ll definitely want to keep checking that out.)

The Patriots finished 7-9 last season and apparently Belichick took that personally because he wasn’t messing around yesterday.

Things started early when he added former Titans TE Jonnu Smith, who’s only 25 years old and could become a star.

Then over the day Belichick and the Patriots agreed to terms with LB Matt Judon, NT Davon Godchaux, CB/S Jalen Mills, WR Kendrick Bourne, WR Nelson Agholor, and DL Henry Anderson.

They also re-signed a few of their own players on a very busy Monday.

A lot of people wondered why Belichick would go so crazy out of the gates and the simple answer is this – he wants his team to be a better football team in 2021. To do that, he needed to fill holes and he thought these deals were a good way to get the ball rolling heading toward the draft, where they have the No. 15 pick.

Everyone was making jokes about the flurry of activity by the Patriots on Monday because this just isn’t normally who they are, which is exactly who Belchick is.

Nobody really should have been surprised.

Will all these moves make the Patriots contenders next year? It’s way too early too tell. But the moves made it obvious that Belichick isn’t messing around and rebounding from a bad year is what means the most to him right now.

Some may say he’s being so aggressive because Tom Brady won a Super Bowl last month and Belichick wants to keep up, which is a silly thing to think or say. This has nothing to do with Brady and everything to do with the Patriots.

I’m sure Belichick isn’t done doing his thing and trying to find more pieces that can help him get back to the playoffs.

That has to make Patriots fans very excited and the rest of the NFL fans very annoyed.

But after all, that’s just who Bill Belichick is and what Bill Belichick does.

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