The highs and lows from the US PGA at Southern Hills

PGA highs and lows: Southern Hills course has improved immensely while the local Bob Dylan Centre is an amazing experience… it’s just a shame about the Oklahoma weather and £14.40 beers!

  • The makeover given by Gil Hanse has really elevated the level of the course
  • A friend at the BBC left the Bob Dylan Centre saying they needed to listen to more of the American bard
  • Richard Bland’s honesty in joining the Saudi breakaway is admirable – even if his decision is not
  • Another unpleasant Saturday saw the temperature colder in Tulsa than Troon
  • One beer at the tournament set you back £14.40 – can you believe that? 

The US PGA has thrown up another exciting tournament, with the Southern Hills course given a makeover by Gil Hanse impressing thoroughly. 

Meanwhile, the Bob Dylan Centre in downtown Tulsa was an experience, and whether or not you agree with his decision, you have to admire Richard Bland’s honesty in joining the Saudi breakaway. 

The weather has again disappointed, with the temperature at Tulsa on a brisk Saturday colder than it was in Troon (Ayrshire). There was no need for any air conditioning. 

While the price of beer at events continues to amaze, with one costing punters a mere £14.40 at this particular event. 

Here are the highs and lows from the weekend’s major championship in Oklahoma.  


Southern Hills

A confession: in three previous visits I had wondered what the fuss was about but, wow, the difference a makeover by the gifted golf architect Gil Hanse can bring. I cannot think of another example where I have changed my opinion so radically. It’s now a Southern belle.

The course makeover has made it into a truly stunning place for golf – it is now a Southern belle

Richard Bland’s decision to join the Saudi breakaway is controversial – but his honesty is admirable

Bob Dylan Centre

Just opened in downtown Tulsa, it is so good that my friend from the BBC, who is not even a fan, came out saying he needed to listen to the American bard a lot more. I had to smile at the golf section in the merchandise area and treated myself to a Bob Dylan pitch mark repairer. Very rock and roll.

Richard Bland

Hey, you might not agree with the Southampton man’s decision to hitch his wagon to the Saudis. I certainly do not. But at least he is honest. He is doing it for the money, he confessed, and he will take any subsequent ban from the DP World Tour on the chin.

The Bob Dylan Centre in downtown Tulsa is a delight – a friend at the BBC has become a fan



Freezing at the Players. An ice box at Augusta. Now, another unpleasant Saturday where it was colder in Tulsa than it was in Troon (the Ayrshire one). You know what will happen at St Andrews in July when we want it a bit windy? It will be 75°F and there will not be a breath.

Air Conditioning

Terrible for the planet but will we ever get the Americans to listen? They did not need it on at all in the media centre at the PGA last week and yet there it was, on at full blast. By the time the weekend came around, half the room was coughing and spluttering.

Price of Beer

Would you believe they were charging $18 (£14.40)? No, not for a bucket of beers. For one. The watered down American rubbish as well. Brooks Koepka reckoned that by the time you had had six, you would not notice how much they were costing. Spoken like a man who could actually afford to buy half a dozen.

The weather in Tulsa, where it was colder than Troon on Saturday, was a disappointment

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