Golf analyst David Feherty ditched NBC to join LIV Golf 'for money'

LIV Golf analyst David Feherty says players are talking ‘bulls***’ when they claim to join the Saudi-backed tour to ‘grow the game’ – and admits he ditched NBC as he was offered ‘a lot of money’ to cover the breakaway circuit

  • David Feherty spoke with honesty about his move to work with LIV Golf series
  • The Northern Irishman left NBC’s coverage to join the Saudi breakaway circuit
  • He also insisted money is why players have left the PGA Tour for LIV, too 

At least David Feherty is honest about why he’s joined LIV Golf.

The Northern Irish golf analyst left NBC to join the Saudi-backed tour and cover their events – but he’s not trying to fool anyone by claiming he’s there to ‘grow the game’, like all the players say.

‘Money. People don’t talk about it. I hear, “Well, it’s to grow the game.” Bulls***. They paid me a lot of money,’ Feherty told the Toledo Blade.

David Feherty admits money was behind his decision to join LIV Golf from NBC

Feherty says it’s ‘bull’ that players claim to have joined LIV to try and ‘grow the game’

But he claimed that cash isn’t the only reason why he’s made the switch. He also said that LIV’s coverage gives him more freedom.

‘An opportunity to be myself again,’ Feherty called it. ‘It’s become more and more difficult, especially in sports broadcasting, to have any kind of character. 

‘Charles Barkley can say pretty much anything he wants because it’s, “Oh, that’s just Charles.” And it’s just Charles. 

‘But I have become more and more guarded over the last few years. There are people waiting around every corner hoping to be offended by something. F*** those people.’ 

But while the LIV Golf series is widely unpopular and not liked by the majority of golf fans, they will at least give Feherty credit for being honest about his motives.

Players such as Bryson DeChambeau have claimed that growing the game was a primary motive behind his $125m deal to join LIV.

Speaking on the Tucker Carlson show, he said: ‘First and foremost, it is a lot of opportunity to do something different in the game of golf,’ the 28-year-old said. ‘I’ve always been a bit of a trendsetter. Growing up I always thought I’d do something cool in the game of golf.

Bryson DeChambeau told FOX that joining LIV was mainly ‘to do something different’

DeChambeau, at the most recent LIV event, took $125m to join the Saudi-backed series

‘I’ve always thought golf has to tailor to the younger generation and I am all about growing the game of golf. I think that in every industry, no matter what it is, it has always been changing and innovating and golf isn’t any different. New formats and teams is enhancing the spirit of the game.’

DeChambeau said that the money also made the move a straightforward decision. 

‘Solely for the economics, it was a no-brainer,’ Dechambeau said of his decision to join. ‘It just becomes a hobby (if you play for free). 

‘This is our livelihoods and it was a great economic opportunity for golfers to make a lot of money.’

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