World’s Scariest Man missed seven-figure fee after scrapping Iranian Hulk bout

The World’s Scariest Man has addressed his cancelled fight with the Iranian Hulk, claiming his decision to call off the scrap lost him a seven-figure fee.

Fight fans had been patiently awaiting a scrap between Martyn Ford, The World’s Scariest Man, and Sajad Gharibi, the Iranian Hulk, scheduled to take place on April 30. However, the fight was cancelled at the start of that month, and Ford later went on to suggest that concerns about his opponent’s mental health had caused him to take the decision.

Gharibi quickly denied these allegations, and demanded a new opponent after labelling Ford an “embarrassing coward”. And, after the Iranian Hulk threatened to sue his rival for the cancellation Ford has spoken candidly about the reason why the much anticipated fight had to be called off.

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Speaking to entrepreneur Rob Moore on an episode of his podcast, Ford alleged that the Iranian Hulk had been manipulated by his handlers, and claimed that he had lost out on a substantial fee after the fight failed to go ahead.

“When I met him after the push, then to me it became very clear that he hasn’t got a clue what’s going on. His management and the people looking after him before definitely hung him out to dry,” he suggested.

Before the fight, the pair’s face-off had descended into chaos when the Iranian Hulk charged at his nemesis, before the World’s Scariest Man easily pushed him to the floor. Ford told Moore that this was a sign that the two were completely mismatched.

He continued: “We’ve got a combination of four or five things that happened. After all of this has happened he still wants the fight, but he seems to think we can arrange a fight that wouldn’t be as real as a real fight.”

And, after Gharibi broke down in tears and admitted his parents had disowned him live on television, Martyn said his fears that his opponent might even kill himself forced him to call off the scrap.

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“I phoned up the organisation and said, ‘I can’t fight this guy. I do not want to be responsible for this kid, one, being bullied, and two, taking his own life, because that is the only way it would have ended,” he explained.

The Iranian Hulk has denied any suggestion that he was struggling with his mental health, but Martyn also alleged that broken promises about his opponent’s fighting prowess had led him to question the legitimacy of the match-up.

“I was promised by the people that this guy was 400lb and 6ft 4ins, and a pro MMA fighter, had eyes on him, apparently… The reality was he was 270/280lb, a kid in a man’s body. He wasn’t small but he wasn’t big,” he recalled.

“There’s no way in a million years he would have done anything to make the fight worthwhile. The fight would have been a very easy victory.”

So, despite finding it easy to take the decision to cancel the scrap, Martyn admitted that he had taken a hit financially, stressing: “Don’t get me wrong, I lost a fortune from making that decision.”

Pressed by the podcast’s host on how much this amounted to, and whether it was worth a seven figure fee, Martyn agreed: “Yeah, a lot of money. But for me it wasn’t worth the gamble if he had taken his life, because that would have all been down on me.”


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