UFC great Conor McGregor predicts his two sons will follow in his footsteps

Conor McGregor predicted that his two sons will follow in his footsteps and become professional fighters.

Ever since Conor Jr. was born in 2017, he has been spotted as part of his father’s training team and the former two-weight UFC champion often shares pictures of his son imitating him in the gym.

McGregor’s second son Rian was born in May, so the 33-year-old now has two boys who could enter the octagon.

In a Twitter Q&A session, the Irish fighter was asked about the future of Conor Jr. and whether or not he could take up MMA when he is older.

McGregor responded positively, and said: “That kid of mine is going to do whatever he wants in this world.

“I will support him all the way tho whatever he chooses! I feel he will do it tho. I feel his younger brother Rian will also.

“Interesting times ahead. I will be happy just as long as they are happy.”

McGregor began boxing aged 11 and by 18 he switched to MMA – a shrewd decision as he embarked on a successful career in UFC.

He is the highest-paid UFC star in history and has won two titles in an illustrious career.

However, his attempts to regain the lightweight title were dented in July when he was defeated by Dustin Poirier for a second consecutive time.

McGregor defeated the American fighter in 2014, but Poirier knocked the Irish star out in their January rematch.

The 32-year-old won the trilogy bout in dramatic fashion after McGregor broke his tibia in the closing stages of the opening round.

He is rehabilitating the injury in Los Angeles and has been handed a six-month medical suspension, but insisted he is on the comeback trail.

When asked about a potential return, McGregor replied: “2022. I’m improving rapidly!

“Working with the best team money can buy! I’ll be back in no time, lock loaded!”

During the chat with his fans on Twitter, McGregor discussed his business success outside of the octagon and projected that he would be a billionaire by the age of 35.

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