Tyson Fury names Eric Cantona as the one Man Utd legend he wants a pint with

Tyson Fury has claimed he would love to go for a pint with Manchester United legend Eric Cantona.

While the WBC and Ring Magazine heavyweight champion is rather busy tonight, Fury has opened the door to an outing with the United icon after claiming he's having 365 beers this year. Among the illustrious list were also Jesus Christ, Elvis Presley and Tom Jones.

Fury was asked by boxing journalist Gareth A Davies to name the stars from the past or present he'd love to get to know over a pint. Gareth immediately guessed that the answer would be Cantona, to which Fury responded: "That's who I'd want as you know he's my all-time favourite player. I would love to have a beer with Eric."

The Gypsy King has made a number of appearances at OId Trafford over the years, but went on to say that was before "COVID changed the world," as The Sun reports. When prompted to name some other stars he'd love to go for a pint with, Fury responded with some names which may surprise fans.

He said: "Can you imagine what it would be like to have a beer with my saviour? I'd like to have a beer with Elvis Presley, that would be a good one. And I'd love to have a beer with Tom Jones. Me, Tom and Elvis in a room having a few beers."

Fury takes on Dillian Whyte at Wembley Stadium tonight in what will be an eye-catching British grudge match. The Gypsy King claims this will be his last fight, and is seemingly already drawing up plans of how he'll be spending his retirement.

He spoke of his ambitions to drink one pint every day of the year having endured a dry 2021. He said last year: "I'm having a dry 2021, like last year I had three or four days where I had a few drinks in the year.

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"This year I'm having none, I'm having a dry 2021. Not that I need to, I just want to do it as a challenge. I like challenges.

"Then in 2022, my goal is to have one pint of beer per day for 365 days of the year. But here's the twist, it's got to be in a different pub, bar or hotel everyday.

"I'm going to take a picture with the pub and the pint, so the logo is in the background. At the end of the year, with 365 of them I'm going to put them onto a collage and put it up in my room."

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