Tyson Fury hailed as ‘living legend’ who’d ‘dismantle’ Ngannou in boxing fight

Tyson Fury has been hailed a ‘living legend’ by UFC middleweight champion Robert Whittaker, and has been backed to ‘dismantle’ Francis Ngannou in a boxing fight. Following his latest victory over Dillian Whyte in April, Fury expressed his interest to fight Ngannou in a hybrid-rules exhibition.

The Gypsy King invited the UFC heavyweight into the ring following his convincing victory over Whyte at Wembley Stadium, where he outlined his plans to take Ngannou in an MMA-meets-boxing fight. After his recent victory, Fury described a potential battle with the UFC star as a ‘clash of the titans’.

He told reporters: “He's on my hit list in an exhibition fight, however he wants it. In a cage, in a boxing ring, boxing gloves, UFC gloves – we can make it happen.

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“I think everyone wants to see it. He's a monster of a guy, I'm a monster of a guy, so it'll be a clash of the titans for sure." It remains unknown as to whether the pair will fight, let alone what ruling will be implemented for the crossover clash.

MMA fighter Whittaker believes that if the bout was to happen in the boxing ring, Fury would cause some serious damage to his rival. He told the Mail: "Tyson Fury will dismantle Ngannou in a boxing fight. Tyson Fury is phenomenal – big fan, by the way – he’s a living legend and he’s just so good at what he does. He is built for it. His reach and his height is stupid.”

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Whittaker did however still shed some support on his fellow UFC fighter Ngannou, but believes the Cameroonian would need smaller gloves to stand a chance in the ring. He added: “That's not diminishing Ngannou, he’s a serious fighter with phenomenal power, but Fury has fought the biggest hitters in the world.

“For Ngannou to have a good shot at winning in a boxing fight it would have to be with smaller gloves. Four-ounce gloves, that would be so dangerous – it wouldn’t go past the first." The work behind the scenes to make the fight happen continues to go on, with Fury’s promoter Arum tipping the potential bout to be a ‘huge, huge event’. “Ngannou is still recovering from an injury, but I would love to do that fight,”Arum told Fight Hub TV .

“Depending on Ngannou’s contract with the UFC, we need to do it with or without the UFC. But that would be a huge, huge event. I’m interested. Who wouldn’t be? Ngannou is the heavyweight champion of the UFC and with Tyson Fury, I think it will be a huge, huge event.”


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