Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte burst out into dance together during weigh-in

Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte continued their peaceful pre-fight build-up as they started dancing together during their weigh-in.

Their press conference on Wednesday (April 20) passed without any confrontation, with the pair actually breaking up a scuffle on stage rather than starting one. And it was more of the same on Friday as they stepped onto the scales before fight night.

While posing for the cameras Whyte started bouncing around to a dance track playing in the background, and never one to miss a party, Fury soon joined in. They shared a boogie before shaking hands, just as they had done moments before after their face-to-face.

Despite some choice words being exchanged in the past, the former sparring partners have shown each other serious respect before stepping into the ring. They even exchanged hats as opposed to the punches which will be thrown on Saturday.

Fury weighed-in at 264lbs 13oz, nearly a stone lighter than he was for his last outing in October for the trilogy fight with Deontay Wilder. Whyte came in 11lbs lighter than The Gypsy King at 253lbs 4oz.

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The weight difference is not a concern for The Body Snatcher, who said: "Some fights are different. Fighting a bigger guy, a much heavier guy than me. We're ready to go to war, trust me. I'm not worried about what he's doing."

Fury was equally relaxed when asked about the weights. "It's a good weight for him, he's nice, stocky and strong," he commented on Whyte. "I'm in great shape, what was I, 263? I don't even know what that is in stones."

Explaining the placid nature to fight week, Fury continued: "Deontay Wilder's team and him, they were hostile towards us. Dillian Whyte's team and his people, they're all respectful to us."

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