Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder react to their enormous weigh-in results

Tyson Fury is predicting a knockout finish to his rematch with Deontay Wilder after both men weighed-in much heavier than expected on Friday.

The Gypsy King tipped the scales at a mammoth 273lbs, while the Bronze Bomber registered a career high of 231lbs.

Fury has been heavier in previous fights, but it is a big increase from previous world title fights, when he weighed 256.5lbs in his draw with Wilder in 2018 and just 246lbs when he dethroned Wladimir Klitschko in 2015.

The Brit says that both he and his American opponent are looking for more power with their added pounds, and the chances of the bout going 12 rounds have been slashed.

‘Happy with the weight, even happier with the crowd,’ Fury told BT Sport.

‘He’s trying to put on a bit of beef, he needs more power, we all do, so it’s going to be an early night for someone.

‘230lbs to 273lbs, he’s a lightweight.’

Far from concerned about his weight, Fury went on to explain that he has been around the 270lb mark for two months, throughout sparring for this fight.

‘I’ve been holding that weight the last two months in training camp,” Fury told FOX.

‘I’ve been sparring every day with it, training every day, so the weight’s not a problem. Two-hundred, seventy-three pounds of pure British beef.’

Wilder is pleased to see Fury come in so heavy, believing he will be significantly slower than he was in their first bout, and the champion also expects a stoppage.

‘I’m not worried about that,’ Wilder told ESPN. ‘I’ve always had to fight bigger guys, bigger than I.

‘You know, that’s just only gonna slow him down. And [him] holding the weight on me, I’m gonna rock with it, swing with it, rock with it.

‘So, let him bring it on. You know, I’m not worried about his weight. All I’m telling him – don’t blink.’

The weigh-in on Friday was conducted in front of a passionate pro-Fury crowd in Las Vegas, which reminded the Gypsy King of the wild scenes when former world champion Ricky Hatton used to make the trip from Manchester to fight in Sin City.

Fury is promising his fans a return for their efforts, with a second round knockout.

‘The crowd was 99% Tyson Fury fans, they’ve travelled, they’ve put in the effort, thank you to everybody who’s turned up, I’m not going to disappoint,’ said the challenger for the WBC belt.

‘The love I’ve been shown here, it takes me back to the Ricky Hatton days when he used to come over here and fight [Manny] Pacquiao and [Floyd] Mayweather.

‘I’ve been told there’s more fans here than every before for the weigh-in.

‘We’re going to go for glory in the second round.’

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