Silva warned he’ll be knocked out by Jake Paul if YouTube star lands one punch

Boxing great Oscar De La Hoya has warned Anderson Silva that he will be knocked out by Jake Paul – with one brutal punch.

UFC legend Silva, 47, takes to the ring with Youtube star Paul in Arizona later this month. The Brazilian former light-heavyweight champion faces Paul in an eight-round pay-per-view battle in Phoenix on October 29.

Paul is expecting his toughest battle yet despite Silva's age, with his 5-0 record as a professional boxer under threat. Silva boasts the height and reach advantage and also has boxing wins on his record.

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But Paul, who has dedicated his life to his boxing career in recent years, has already knocked out former MMA stars Tyron Woodley and Ben Askren. The knockout of Woodley in the duo's second bout caught the attention of the boxing world.

And former boxer turned promoter De La Hoya believes the experienced Silva could face a similar fate to Woodley if he fails to deal with Paul's impressive power.

De La Hoya insists that Paul will get the knockout over Silva if he lands on Silva in the fight. “That’s a good fight,” he told Inside Fighting. “I’m gonna go with Jake Paul. Yeah, I’m gonna go with Jake Paul just because he seems like he’s getting into the rhythm of things.

"He doesn’t have too many fights. He loves boxing, is a hard worker, and has a lot of power. If he connects with Silva he’s going to knock him out. If he touches Silva he’s going down.”

However, rising UFC star Paddy 'the Baddy' Pimblett, who has also been linked with a fight against Paul, completely disagrees with De La Hoya's verdict.

Pimblett cannot envisage Paul lasting three rounds against the esteemed Silva, who is known as one of the greatest strikers in UFC history.

"I can’t see Jake Paul getting out of three," he said on his Chattin' Pony podcast. "There’s no chance. He’s going to realise what it’s like fighting an actual striker, and he’s gonna get bingo'd.”