Showtime Boxing: Joe George knocks out Marcos Escudero in hellacious punch video

Undefeated American Joe George has delivered an early contender for knockout of the year with a petrifying upper cut that knocked Marcos Escudero out cold in their re-match.

The rivals faced off in the opener for Showtime Boxing’s Premier Boxing Champions card and delivered one of the most stunning stoppages in recent years.

George was behind on two of the three judges’ scorecards as the fight went into the ninth round — but the 31-year-old took the judges out of the equation when he set Escudero up for a thundering finishing move.

Escudero slipped under a wild right hand from George, but was left flattened by a follow-up left-hand upper-cut that landed flush on his chin.

Escudero was rocked off his feet by the force of the punch, crumpling backwards in a messy heap.

#SHOBoxingReturns with a BANG 💥

Joe George KOs Marcos Escudero with a massive uppercut in Round 9.

The slow motion of the savage KO is difficult to watch.

Joe George's sick KO in slow motion. Wow. @ShowtimeBoxing

Escudero wasn’t even able to move until the referee was already half way through his 10-count.

It was clear from his stunned, frozen attempts to get back to his feet that the fight was over.

The referee waved off the fight after counting to nine.

The commentators described the finish as “vicious”.

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“I was setting him up with the jab to the body and had him leaning over a little,” George said.

“I wanted him to get relaxed and that’s exactly what he did. He was relaxed, I slipped over and shot it. Really, he gave it to me and I had to take it and put him down.”

“The result is self-explanatory. I don’t have to say nothing. I’m willing to fight whoever next. One fight at a time and I’ll be prepared for whatever’s on the way.”

Their first fight ended in a controversial split decision that went the way of George, despite one of the judges scoring the fight in Escudero’s favour.

Joe George knocked Marcos Escudero out cold.Source:Twitter

The win sees George improve to a perfect 11-0 and keeps his hopes alive for a future title shot.

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