Paddy Pimblett proves he’s not ‘Paddy the Fatty’ as he poses with girlfriend

Paddy Pimblett showed off his body with his bikini-clad girlfriend – wowing fans with his newfound body.

The MMA fighter had been dubbed ‘Paddy the Fatty’ as a mockery of his nickname ‘Paddy the Baddy’ but he’s put paid to that with the latest snap. The Liverpool-based fighter posted a picture on Instagram, with his arms around Laura Gregory, his long-time partner.

The caption read: “Great first day in vegas, then some unreal food last night @hellskitchen asleep for 10pm tho ready for some adrenaline junky vibes today.”

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His shape must be some relief for Dana White, who has called out the UK star for his weight gain. The UFC president claimed that Pimblett’s weight gain hurts UFC – and is ‘tough on his organs’.

He was asked about his physique at the Contender Series when his weight was said to be at 200lbs: "Yeah, I like it. He’s going to have to lose some weight!"

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"It’s not good for ya. You know, we all know that. “When you’re fluctuating and cutting that much weight is very bad.

"And it definitely doesn’t prolong your career. It’s tough on your body and your organs and stuff like that. Listen he’s a grown man he can do whatever the hell he wants to do. It makes it tough for us too because when we’re in the matchmaker room we want to throw together a fight. Maybe we could throw him on a card in a month or a month and a half… it hurts us too.

"We have to be very specific when we plan fights for him. Because he’s no where near close to weight and what you don’t want to do it put kinda pressure on him to cut that much weight in that short amount of time."

Pimblett has become a hugely popular figure outside of the Octagon owing to his cheeky persona and fighting style.

White, when asked if he was also protective of Pimblett from backlash, White continued: "I really don’t give a s*** about backlash. I really care more about him and his safety than backlash."

He then added: "No. That’s none of my business man, that’s all up to him. If this guy, and you’re talking to the preacher here I like food too, but yeah that’s totally up to him.

"It’s his life and career it’s his body he can do whatever he wants." Pimblett is already one of the biggest names in the UFC, and has the backing of England despite not headlining an event. The fighter enjoys his food when out of training camp, but always cuts weight in time for fight night.


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