Mike Tyson couldn’t walk after three months of living "like savages" on a yacht

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Mike Tyson has revealed that he once 'forgot how to walk' after spending three months at sea, in Europe, on his yacht.

Tyson is one of the greatest boxers to have ever lived, and he picked up a pretty penny from his fight purses throughout his career.

And, at the height of his career, Tyson purchased a 150m yacht that he, and his friends, could travel the world – and party – onboard.

However, when speaking to the Hotboxin' podcast, alongside Jim Jones, Tyson has revealed that he once spent so long at sea he couldn't walk when he returned to land.

"Three months on the French Riviera; I'm going from Ibiza, Spain, to Moscow on my boat," the former World Champion recalled

"[We] were just balling, stopping in Milan; stopping in Greece, picking up girls, dropping them off, picking up more girls, doing drugs – it's f***** up being stopped by the boat police.

"It's just crazy, Ibiza Spain to the f****** Ukraine cause then we took a plane from Ukraine to f****** Moscow.

"We were like savages; we were like f****** pirates – believing we were conquering these countries!

"Listen, when I started walking, I couldn't walk, we were on [the] water so long [when] we got to the Ukraine, and we got off to walk to the airport.

"We couldn't even walk my legs cause we'd been in the water so long," Tyson claimed as he motioned his arms side to side to portray his legs shaking.

"You were f***** up with the gravity," the host prompted Tyson.

And he responded: "yeah, it's a trip."

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