Logan Paul says Floyd Mayweather's eyes will 'light up'

Logan Paul pledges to make Floyd Mayweather’s eyes ‘light up’ the first time he hits him after both fighters agree to increase chances of KO with switch to lighter gloves

  • YouTuber Logan Paul welcomed the change to 10 oz gloves in the exhibition
  • The actor warned Floyd Mayweather ‘I hit hard’  ahead of showdown in Miami
  • Mayweather wanted even lighter eight oz gloves for the eight-round fight
  • Money said fans would ‘see the difference’ between elite fighters and YouTubers 

Logan Paul has promised fans they will see Floyd Mayweather’s eyes ‘light up’ in his exhibition with the boxing legend after both fighters agreed to use lighter, 10 oz gloves in Sunday’s showdown in Miami.

Organisers had raised the weight of the gloves from 10 oz to 12 but then lowered them again on the insistence of the unbeaten Mayweather and YouTuber Paul, raising the prospect of a knockout.

Paul, 26, who will be contesting only his second professional fight after losing his first against fellow YouTuber KSI, was pleased with the change and believes his punch power will see him overcome Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather (left) is coming out of retirement again to take on YouTuber Logan Paul

Mayweather is not worried his incredible 50-bout unbeaten record will be at risk against Paul

‘Good, that’s how I want it,’ he told Sky Sports. 

‘There’s a moment that goes through every fighter’s mind. When we hit them, they realise, ‘Oh, he might not just do YouTube. This guy really put his heart and soul in this.’

 ‘I hit hard. I think you’re going to see Floyd’s eyes light up, the first time I hit him.’

Mayweather, who retired with a stunning 49-0 record before coming out of retirement to beat Conor McGregor in 2017, said he wanted even lighter gloves. 

The lighter gloves raise the chance of a KO and Paul wants to see Mayweather’s eyes ‘light’ up

Paul lost his only professional fight but the 26-year-old warned Mayweather: ‘I hit hard’

 ‘From the beginning, I wanted eight ounce gloves for me as well as Logan Paul. Hopefully it can change to eight ounce,’ he said.

And the 44-year-old said he would have no problem facing Paul in the eight-round bout despite his physical disadvantage and the big age gap.

‘There’s a difference between YouTube boxing and elite boxing and elite fighters,’ he said. 

‘You guys will see the difference.’ 

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