John Thompson says Nate Diaz's next UFC fight will be his last

‘He’s LEAVING the UFC’: Former lightweight Josh Thompson says Nate Diaz’s next fight will be his last for Dana White before going on to fight Jake Paul in the boxing ring

  • Nate Diaz has just one fight remaining on his current UFC contract
  • The fan favourite has always endured a difficult relationship with  the promotion
  • Former UFC star Josh Thompson says he’ll leave to make more money in boxing

Former UFC lightweight Josh Thompson believes Nate Diaz is on his way out of the UFC after his next fight.

The Stockton native has just one bout remaining on his deal and has always endured a difficult relationship with the promotion and boss Dana White.

And Thompson thinks he will leave and go on to box Jake Paul as there is far more money to be made.

Former UFC lightweight Josh Thompson believes Nate Diaz is on his way out of the UFC

He told ‘Weighing In’: ‘He’s leaving the UFC, he’s fighting Jake Paul. Just stop, ok. This is his last fight, he’s not fighting in the UFC anymore. He’s going to leave and he’s going to fight Jake Paul.

‘He’s just trying to get a fight to get out the door, he’s done with MMA. He knows that fight is going to make him double then he’d make [against McGregor].

‘Conor’s not that draw anymore that he once was. Conor can’t get out of his contract, he’s on an eight or ten fight deal I believe. So he’s stuck with the UFC forever.

‘Speaking from a Nate point of view, I think Nate’s going to leave and end up fighting Jake Paul in boxing.’

Thompson says Diaz will not re-sign and will instead go and box Jake Paul for bigger money

 ‘I know he can make any more from between $10 to $15 million to do that one fight versus him having to fight Conor and make $2 million, maybe $4 million,’ he continued.

‘Why? When he can fight one time in boxing against somebody who he’s got a lot more experience against and against somebody his brother knows.

‘If Nate goes and beats Jake Paul, then I can see Dana saying ‘ok let’s fight Nate in boxing’. I couldn’t see him doing it before, he has to beat Jake Paul first.

‘If he beats Jake Paul I can see him riding Conor in to be like ‘Nate and [Conor] in boxing makes sense’. It’s a trilogy fight but not a trilogy fight because it’s in boxing not in MMA.’

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