Joe Rogans verdict on Jake Paul fake fights and concerns over his memory loss

Joe Rogan has weighed in with his verdict on the recent controversy surrounding Jake Paul and his fight with Tyron Woodley.

Paul has cut a divisive figure throughout his rise to prominence in the boxing world and has made waves amongst the larger combat sports community with his outspoken rants.

Many fans have questioned the legitimacy of the YouTuber's bouts, with some speculating he gave a signal before knocking out former UFC champ Woodley in their recent rematch.

Paul himself has claimed that he has been suffering with slurred speech and memory loss from his five successful fights to date.

And Rogan doesn't doubt how real the 24-year-old is.

The UFC commentator said on the Joe Rogan Experience: "He has been saying that he's suffering from slurring words and loss of memory already. Yeah, it does not take long if you spar a lot.

"He is f***ing good though. Like people want to pretend he's not because he's a YouTube guy.

"But the way he knocked out Tyron Woodley, that is f***ing skilful. He's got real f***ing power.

"Meanwhile, the f***ing casuals are thinking it is fake. You've seen that? It is silly."

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Paul's decisive punch on Woodley was so brutal that it won ESPN Ringside's knockout of the year.

With their first contest having gone the distance, it meant that Paul has now finished all four of his opponents.

His prior KO on another ex-MMA star, Ben Askren, also attracted suspicion from watchers on who claimed the fight had been rigged.

Askren was a surprisingly easy opponent and was seen smiling soon afterwards despite the loss.

Rogan is yet to cross paths with Paul either in person or online, but his boss Dana White is currently engaged in a war of words with him.

Paul has repeatedly called White out for how much he pays his fighters and has claimed he is a cocaine user.

In response, the UFC chief accused the social media star of being a cheater and taking steroids.

Paul has also called out several of White's stars, including Jorge Masvidal and Nate Diaz, to face him in the ring.

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