Joe Rogan hails Mayweather's 'AMAZING' exhibition with Logan Paul

Joe Rogan hails Floyd Mayweather’s ‘AMAZING’ exhibition bout against Logan Paul as popular UFC analyst goes against the grain to launch a defence of the controversial Miami contest

  • Joe Rogan has hailed Floyd Mayweather’s ‘amazing’ fight with Logan Paul 
  • Mayweather, 44, made a return to boxing to take on YouTube novice Paul, 26 
  • The fight went the distance with the legend unable to knockout his rival
  • Rogan says it took ‘balls’ for Mayweather to face a younger, larger opponent
  • He also praised Paul for surviving the full 24 minutes against Mayweather 

Joe Rogan has heaped praise on Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul’s ‘amazing’ eight round exhibition as the popular analyst launched a rare defence of the Miami contest.

Mayweather, 44, made a return to the boxing ring for the first time since New Year’s Eve 2018 to take on YouTube novice Paul, 26, who has never won a professional contest.

The boxing legend was surprisingly unable to finish his younger rival after 24 minutes of action, with a legion of fans, pundits and promoters slamming the event and its damaging impact on Mayweather’s legacy.

Joe Rogan has described Floyd Mayweather’s exhibition fight with Logan Paul as ‘amazing’

However, Rogan has gone against the grain to hail the eight-round contest, heaping praise on Mayweather for taking a younger, bigger opponent on.

‘For people who got mad at it, I get it — it’s not Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao from five years ago,’ Rogan said in a recent episode of his podcast. 

‘But what it is is one of the best boxers of all time making $100 million fighting a guy that’s three feet taller than him and 35 pounds heavier than him who can’t win.

‘It’s amazing, it’s amazing. That fight was amazing.

The boxing great, 44, returned to the ring to take on the YouTube novice, 26, in Miami

Mayweather has come in for criticism for tarnishing his legacy by fighting the YouTuber

‘There’s a lot of amazing things. First of all, Floyd is amazing, The fact that Floyd has the balls at 44 years old to decide, “oh I’m gonna fight some dude that’s 35 pounds heavier than me and 26 years old.” It’s crazy.’

Rogan then hailed Paul for surviving the duration of the eight-round bout against one of the sport’s greatest ever athletes. 

‘And then the fact that he can put it on Logan Paul and here’s another one — the fact that Logan Paul went all eight rounds. That’s astounding. You have no idea how tired you would be if you were boxing with the greatest boxer that ever lived.’

Mayweather v Paul reportedly garnered over 1 million pay-per-view buys in a resounding success for the self-proclaimed master of ‘legalised bank robberies’.

But popular UFC analyst Rogan says the fight was ‘amazing’, heaping praise on both fighters

Rogan gave credit to Mayweather for fighting a bigger, younger guy and Paul for surviving

Eddie Hearn was one of a number of high-profile names to blast the exhibition. The Matchroom Boxing chief promoted Paul’s fight against YouTuber KSI in 2019, but says this fight was a ‘bad look for the sport’.

‘This never felt comfortable for me, the person this looked worse on than anybody, and he probably doesn’t care, is Floyd Mayweather,’ he told DAZN.

‘He looked quite terrible. If you’re a young fan, you see Floyd Mayweather last night you go, “He was the best ever?”

‘I know that Logan Paul was hugging around, but I don’t know, I always said from the outside it was a bad look for the sport.’

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