Jake Paul warned he has "lost his mind" over Canelo Alvarez boast

Jake Paul has been told he has "lost his mind" after continuous call-outs of pound-for-pound boxing great Canelo Alvarez.

The YouTube star drew controversy when he included Alvarez on his ten-man boxing 'hit list', that also featured the Diaz brothers, KSI and his older sibling Logan.

And MMA referee John McCarthy, who helped to write the rules of the sport, has hit out at Paul, saying that he would be handily beaten if he ever actually faced off with the boxing great.

Speaking on his podcast Weighing In with former world champion Josh Thomson, McCarthy said Paul needs to stop calling out top boxers.

"After Tyron Woodley, he's got Canelo," McCarthy said. "Stop! Just step away from the table – you've lost your mind.

"That's not even a fight that you would want, Canelo will f*** you up and eat a sandwich at the same time."

And after noticing that Paul's list also included UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and light-welterweight boxer Gervonta Davis, McCarthy also implored Paul to fight people his own size.

"He's always going after smaller guys, that really cracks me up," McCarthy continued. You're a guy that walks around at 210lb."

"Canelo fights at 154 most of the time and as a middleweight at 160 – but it's working for him, I'm not going to say anything bad.

"Do me a favour, start going with people that are of your size."

McCarthy's co-host Thomson, who is the only man in history to knock out Nate Diaz and a former world champion in Strikeforce, joked that Canelo would be a "retirement fight" for Paul.

"Canelo's got to go, Gervonta's got to go," Thomson said while reeling off names on his list.

"If you want to fight Canelo go right ahead, he would eat you up, that would be your retirement fight."

Paul has been calling out the Mexicano for a considerable period of time, after the boxing legend said that his involvement in the sport was disrespectful.

Speaking on Fox Sports' show 'Skip and Shannon: Undisputed', Paul said that he would be willing to cut a significant amount of weight to fight Canelo in the future.

"I'm setting goals for myself and that's what motivates me every single day at practice," Paul said.

"To think in the back of my head that I might be fighting Canelo in the next three years.

"If Billy Joe Saunders, who fights like a wild chicken, can go in there and get a payday and fight Canelo and last that many rounds, or Yildirim, the 'Turkish Warrior' can go in there and last three rounds, nine minutes, Yildirim didn't throw a f***ing punch.

"I'm a much better fighter than both of those boxers. I'm bigger, faster and more athletic.

"So if those guys can go in there and hang with Canelo, can Jake Paul in three years go 12 rounds with him and beat him? We'll see."

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