Jake Paul ‘bought 245k Instagram followers’ for Hasim Rahman Jr ahead of fight

Hasim Rahman Jr has sensationally claimed YouTube idiot Jake Paul bought him Instagram followers to boost promotions ahead of their August 6 boxing match.

The son of former heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, 31, is a last-minute replacement for ex-Love Island star Tommy Fury, who was prohibited from entering America due to visa issues. Despite boasting a 12-1 record, Rahman Jr is coming into the fight as a relatively unknown figure, with Paul mocking his social media presence.

The former Disney channel star possesses a staggering 20million Instagram followers, whilst Rahman Jr had just 5,000 when agreeing to the showdown in Madison Square Garden. Yet his figures then dramatically increased to 250k, which he believes was down to Paul.

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"Why did you bot me followers? Boxing doesn't have anything to do with followers," the Baltimore-born boxer asked Paul at their New York press conference, before going on the defensive. "I didn't ask you for nothing. What are you talking about?

"I didn't ask you for more money, I never asked for more money. I took the lowest amount at the highest level. I'm the highest level opponent you've faced, but I'm getting the lowest amount of anybody that you have fought."

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5-0 Paul is yet to fight anyone from the professional boxing circuit, though he has knocked out every opponent he's ever faced. The YouTuber-turned-boxer first bested fellow online star Deji Olatunji, brother of KSI, in a white-collar contest in August 2018 before turning pro 16 months later.

YouTuber AnEsonGib, Ex-basketball ace Nate Robinson and UFC star Ben Askren were all comfortably despatched by Paul before a double header with former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. A split decision victory was compounded by a sixth-round knockout the second time around as Paul set his sights on long-standing rival Fury.

But, once again, issues on the Brits end scuppered the scheduled bout with former sparring partner Rahman Jr stepping in to replace Fury. Though the heavyweight boxer didn't take too kindly to Paul's on-stage antics.

Rahman Jr continued: "With this footage stuff, they be putting out what they want to put out. Did you put out the footage where you turned around and ran away from me in the ring? Why didn’t you put that out? You turned your back and ran."

He added: "I boxed this man with one hand behind my back and I promise you, he turned his back and ran from me. That’s what’s going on in his whole camp. He’s barking up the wrong tree. I’m going to f*** you up."


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