Heaviest UFC fighter ever weighed more than a baby grand piano

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The heaviest UFC fighter ever weighed an incredible 270kg – which is more than the weight of a baby grand piano.

Emmanuel Yarbrough was an American sumo wrestler and one of the original UFC fighters having appeared at UFC 3 in Charlotte, North Carolina back in 1994.

He was beaten via technical knockout by Keith Hackney in his only UFC fight, which took place prior to the introduction of weight classes in the competition.

At the time of their fight, Yarbrough was three times the size of Hackney, who weighed in at just 91kg, making it the biggest size difference in UFC history.

Sadly, Yarbrough passed away after suffering a heart attack in 2015 at the age of 51, during the production of a new reality show focusing on his life.

Yarbrough never fought in the UFC again following his defeat to Hackney but did compete in Japan five years later in 1998.

He won his only professional bout when he appeared in the Shooto promotion before ending his mixed martial arts career with a record of 1-2.

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During his career, Yarbrough weighed a staggering 270kg, which is around 42st, and more than the weight of a baby grand piano, which Moversville reports can weigh as low as 227kg.

His size previously earned him the Guinness World Record for being the heaviest living athlete, a title he was awarded in 2014.

However, such a record is not currently on the Guinness World Record site.

Amazingly, Yarbrough weighed more than double the starting weight for the UFC's heaviest weight class, with super heavyweight fighters weighing anything from 120kg and above.

The 6'8" Yarbrough also worked as an actor after his stint in the UFC, with his biggest role coming in the television series Oz between 2002 and 2003.

Born in New Jersey, Yarbrough was a successful college athlete at Morgan State University, first starting out on the American football team as an offensive tackle.

He later transitioned to wrestling and trained in the sumo discipline as well as becoming a brown belt in judo.

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