George Groves believes Fury wasn’t badly hurt in final round against Wilder

George Groves believes the knockdown Tyson Fury suffered in the final round against Deontay Wilder was not as bad as it seemed.

Fury was dropped twice in his first fight against the world champion, firstly in the ninth session and then again with minutes remaining.

He looked to be down and out but somehow clambered to his feet and convinced the referee he was able to continue.

His rise from the canvas spawned many memes and has been a key selling point ahead of tonight's rematch in Las Vegas.

But Groves believes Fury was hurt more earlier in the fight.

"When someone is knocked down early it can be a really hard knockdown but because it's early on guys have the energy to get up and survive the rounds," he told After The Bell.

"Near the end of the fight they can go down and look more hurt than they actually are; the punch didn't have a huge effect, it's just that the body is tired.

"I think in the 12th round, it's almost as if Fury thinks he's knocked out; he goes down and it's not WWE, you don't just come back to life.

"He goes down, closes his eyes and realises he's OK and gets up. He was probably more hurt earlier on in the fight than in the 12th round.

"That was the most fascinating thing, him getting up in the last round and that's carried his value.

"But I don't think it was as bad a knockdown as Fury led us to believe because normally guys who get put down like that don't get back up."

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