Freddie Roach gives advice to Deontay Wilder over Tyson Fury rematch

Freddie Roach has advised Deontay Wilder to not take an immediate rematch with Tyson Fury.

Wilder suffered the first defeat of his professional career and lost his WBC heavyweight title in Las Vegas as he was stopped by Fury in the seventh round.

The Bronze Bomber has to decide within 30 days of the fight whether to activate the rematch clause but has already indicated that he will do so and a third fight is scheduled for this summer.

However, Roach, who was in Fury’s corner for the first contest in December 2018, believes Wilder should select another opponent.

‘I’d like to see him go get a warm-up fight, get a good win under his belt and get his right hand back in action, that’s my opinion,’ Roach told Fino Boxing.

‘But rematches are in contracts and so forth, and if he thinks he can fight better and turn it around I wish him all the best of luck.’

Roach also praised Fury’s approach to his rematch with Wilder.

‘He’s a very good fighter, he knows how to box, he’s a very, very good boxer,’ said Roach.

‘He got caught with a couple of big shots from this guy last time, he made sure he kept himself in safe places.

‘He fought a very smart fight, it was a very, very good fight for him.

‘I was not surprised [by Fury’s game plan] we worked together for a little bit, we’ve talked about the best way for him to fight.

‘He did everything he said he was going to do and more.

‘It was a great performance, he just knew what he could do with this guy. I think he won every round.’

Roach also supported the decision from Wilder’s co-trainer Mark Breland to throw in the towel.

‘He was taking a beating, he didn’t look like he was going to turn it around, and he had no moments in that fight where he finally landed the right hand,’ said the legendary trainer.

‘I think the right hand stayed home that night.’

Asked when he felt Fury would win the fight, Roach replied: ‘From the dressing room.

‘One guy was in a great mood, happy to be where he’s at, the other was pacing back and forth, just wasn’t himself.

‘He was very nervous going into the fight and that cost him.’

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