Frank Warren: Joshua scared of Tyson Fury now & Wilder trilogy could be in UK

Tyson Fury’s destruction of Deontay Wilder is the greatest performance of a British fighter in my time in boxing. That was as elite as it gets – perfection. Wilder never had a look in, it was amazing.

I’ve had lots of good nights as a promoter, but I think that topped them all.

Tyson has now been invited to the White House by Donald Trump and to the Vatican by the Pope. He’s a mega star in boxing.

That body shot in the fifth round stood out for me. Usually people crumble under body shots, but that punch threw Wilder across the ring! Tyson took the fight out of Wilder, who fought bravely. I’d like to say Mark Breland absolutely did the right thing throwing in the towel. He was a fighter himself and he knew Wilder’s future was at stake.

The criticism of him has been ridiculous, even from Jay Deas. It reminded me of Joe Calzaghe vs Jeff Lacy. Lacy’s team never threw in the towel in a gruelling fight and had they done, his career might have turned out very different. He was never the same after that fight.

Breland did Wilder a favour, he was protecting him, which is the corner’s first responsibility. Wilder can come back now and go again. I knew Wilder was finished the day before the fight. It was that face-off at the weigh-in, even though they were far apart, I just knew Fury was going to knock him out. Wilder was done right there and then.

Deas was blaming all sorts after the fight. I heard his comments about Wilder’s outfit being too heavy and affecting his legs. Wilder’s legs were jelly because he was being repeatedly rocked by Tyson. When we made the fight, I said Tyson had to go to the centre of the ring and put it on him, because I didn’t think Wilder could fight going backwards. And that’s exactly what happened. It’s not as simple as trading with a puncher, Tyson was dictating everything. There was not a moment he wasn’t in control.

Shelly Finkel rang me the morning after the fight to tell me they would probably invoke the immediate rematch. If that is the case, I think we’ve got to do the fight in the UK. Have it as Tyson’s homecoming. He deserves the chance to fight as a WBC world champion in front of his home fans. I’d love to do it in Manchester at Old Trafford. That’s always been a dream of Tyson’s.

Directly after the fight Tyson said he’d love to do the unification fight with Anthony Joshua. That’s his next target. He wants to unify the belts, but he’s prepared and happy to fight Wilder again.

Everyone wants to see Fury vs Joshua. It’s an easy fight to make if it’s a 50/50 split. When is the next time we’ll have two British heavyweights holding all the belts between them?

If there’s a deal to be done, we will sit down and discuss it. It’s a unique opportunity to make an incredible fight.

I can’t imagine what Joshua is thinking right now. Everyone now knows Fury won’t just be able to outbox Joshua, he’ll be able to knock him out. AJ could have been a much better fighter, but he’s got no defence. When AJ went to New York he got exposed.

He can’t fight Tyson the way he fought Andy Ruiz, that’s playing right into our man’s hands. He can’t outbox him, impossible. He’ll now be terrified of being knocked out. Tyson has a plan A, B and C. He can do anything. He didn’t get the credit he deserved for beating Wladimir Klitschko and I think that’s why people were still doubting him before this fight.

It’s taken Tyson eleven years to become an overnight sensation.

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