Floyd Mayweather justifies how fighting Logan Paul won’t destroy his legacy

Floyd Mayweather has admitted that he ranks currency over legacy as he prepares to take on YouTuber Logan Paul in a boxing mismatch of epic proportions in June.

The 44-year-old retired as a professional back in 2017 after easing past Conor McGregor in 10 rounds, and has since demolished Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in Japan.

Having now agreed to take on Paul and targeted both his brother Jake and even 50 Cent, Mayweather has insisted that he is now out to make more cash.

Additionally, the 50-0 pro believes that his legacy is not being tarnished by the bout, and that his ‘engraved in stone’ boxing record is now secondary to his earnings.

Mayweather told Million Dollaz Worth of Game: "There's a lot of people out there who have a famous face but they ain't got s***. So, I truly believe in I'd rather have a currency then a legacy, because my legacy is already engraved in stone.

"A lot of times they say, 'Oh, Mayweather, he's doing exhibitions' they be like, 'It's bad for boxing'. But at the end of the day, I look at my children, I look at my grandson, I look at my mother, I look at my father.

"My mother's a millionaire, my dad's a millionaire, my children are millionaires, my little grandson's a multi millionaire and he doesn't even know it."

Mayweather's long-term manager Leonard Ellerbe said when the new date of June 6 was confirmed: "Look, I commend all those who go out there and try to leave their mark.

“If it brings more eyeballs to the sport, I’m all for it.

"At the end of the day, it’s all about entertainment. This is why I can never be mad at anyone who thinks outside the box.

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  • "Once you start living in that bubble and only do things inside that bubble, you don’t ever have a chance to separate yourself. Who’s looking to be ordinary? Nothing about us has ever been ordinary.

    "We’re always trying to think outside the box. Floyd is always looking to do something different.

    “This show is going to be nothing like Floyd has ever done before.”

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