Fans think lion in China zoo with crazy trim looks like UFC hero Paddy Pimblett

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Paddy Pimblett has shot to stardom since making his UFC debut last year – and it seems his influence has reached a lion in a China zoo.

The big cat residing at the Guangzhou Zoo has gone viral for its unique hairstyle. And it resembles Paddy the Baddy's trim, with one fan joking: "Paddy the baddy in a lion body."

An employee at the zoo has denied giving the lion a hair cut and put its new look down to the high humidity levels in the southern China city, not Pimblett's inspiration. They added that the cat grooms itself like any other member of the animal family.

Pimblett, on the other hand, has his hair styled into the shape. He told BBC Sport earlier this year: "This is a trademark. Everyone loves this head lad.

"That's one thing people give me grief over online. 'Ah get a haircut you, get a haircut'. If I wanted to get a haircut, I'd go and get a haircut.

Who do you think has the better haircut: Paddy the Baddy or the lion? Let us know in the comments section.

"I could just go and pay a tenner to get a haircut lad, but I choose not to because I like my hair. I can change this in the next 20 minutes if I walk down the road and go the barbers. I don't want to. I go to the hairdressers and get the layers put in it lad."

While the Liverpudlian faces criticism of his own trim, he's also dished some out. In a video for Slick Gorilla, he reviewed fellow UFC fighter Conor McGregor's hair dos over the years.

The braided top knot which the Irishman sported back at UFC 178 had Pimblett in stitches. He said: "Ah lad, that’s a proper bad hair do you know. I hated it when he got this hair do lad. With the shaved on the side.

"Everybody knows it, I don’t have to explain that it's Conor McGregor. It’s when he had the little top knot lad with the little cornrows and the sides shaved. That’s a half out of 10."

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