Eddie Hearn mocks Deontay Wilder and gives advice over Tyson Fury rematch clause

Eddie Hearn has suggested Deontay Wilder lacks the same mettle as Anthony Joshua to demand an immediate rematch with Tyson Fury, though does expect the American to trigger a trilogy fight.

Wilder has 30 days to invoke a rematch clause following his defeat to Fury in Las Vegas on Saturday night, where he was dropped twice before his corner finally threw in the towel in the seventh round.

While Hearn is eager for Wilder to decline a rematch so he can pursue a unification fight between Joshua and Fury, he expects the Bronze Bomber to trigger the option – even though his ‘soul is still at the MGM Garden Arena’.

Asked what he would be advising Wilder to do if he was the American’s promoter, Hearn told Sky Sports: ‘Well, I don’t want him to take the rematch! But if you’re asking me honestly, you have to take the rematch.

‘We had a similar position with Andy Ruiz against Anthony Joshua, we had 28 days to exercise the rematch clause.

‘I went to see Anthony Joshua when he lost to Andy Ruiz the day after in his apartment in New York. We were only ever taking one fight. But I believe Anthony Joshua is made of different kind of stuff to Deontay Wilder.

‘Wilder had a look in his eye on Saturday to say, “I don’t even want to be here”. He’s made his money, what’s his desire to come back? The problem is, if you don’t take the rematch now, do you ever get your shot?

‘Because AJ is going to fight Fury, they might do it twice, they might do it three times, who knows. So, right now, my money is on Wilder to rematch Tyson Fury. I hope he doesn’t, but also at the same time, it’s the timings.

‘At the end of the day, Joshua is going to fight in June and in November/December. We don’t mind waiting for the Fury fight until November/December. We’d rather it happens in June or July, but it must happen this year.

‘Both guys want the fight, so there’s no reason not to. I’m secretly hoping that Deontay Wilder doesn’t take the rematch, but my belief is that he will because he’ll feel that it’s his chance to regain his world heavyweight championship.’

He added: ‘So we wait on Wilder. We talk about uncharacteristically quiet, Deontay Wilder has been uncharacteristically quiet. He didn’t even go to the press conference! He hasn’t even said a word since.

‘In fact, I think his soul might still be at the MGM Garden Arena so who knows if we’ll even see him again. But now we’ll see what he’s made of as a person.

‘I expect him to come out today, issue a statement on Instagram or wherever, and say, “Congratulations, I’ll be back, I’m taking this rematch”. If that happens, we go ahead, Kubrat Pulev, deal with the mandatory, Tottenham Hotspur stadium, in June, 80,000 people, put in a devastating performance, wait for that second fight and then we go straight into Tyson Fury.’

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