Ebanie Bridges fumes as racy New Year pics almost get boxer kicked off Instagram

Boxing beauty Ebaine Bridges has fumed at Instagram after her racy New Years post was taken down.

Bridges, 35, shared a pic of her wearing nothing but a thong and boxing gloves from her 2022 calendar to celebrate the New Year.

However, Instagram removed the snap, which lead to the Blonde Bomber launching into a tirade of words on her story.

She said: "Ok the trolls/haters are winning tbh, eh keep reporting my pic.

"I can't repost my pic, last thing I wanna do is lose my account."

Bridges then added: "Hope y'all screenshotted it for your backgrounds before it got removed!"

Bridges posted another post to welcome the New Year, and she set out her goals for 2022.

"I have some BIG goals for 2022, and knowing me, I’ll achieve them cos I believe, I manifest that s*** and make it happen!

"It’s going to be even more exciting!

"Thank you to everyone who’s been a part of this year and helped make it so special let’s continue making waves and showing anything is possible.

"I have no barriers no roof and no limit to my dreams."

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Bridges looks set for a world title fight in early 2022.

“My next fight is looking to be early next year in the UK. Fingers crossed locking in a world title fight," Bridges confirmed to the YKTR Sports Instagram page.

She also confirmed that Eddie Hearn will be promoting the bout, as well as checking out the floor and ceiling.

Bridges was referencing Hearn trying his best not to look at her when the Australian turned up to a weigh-in in skimpy underwear.

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