Dillon Danis is trolled over a photo of his mum after Logan Paul fight

The troll gets trolled! Dillion Danis is mocked with sick taunts about his mum, after posting a birthday tribute to his ‘idol’ following his boxing defeat by Logan Paul

  • Dillon Danis was slammed for his taunting of Jake Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal 
  • The MMA star has now received abusive comments about his mum’s appearance 
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Dillon Danis has received sick taunts about his mum’s appearance after he uploaded a photo to celebrate her birthday.

The MMA fighter suffered a loss by disqualification in his fight with YouTuber Logan Paul in Manchester earlier this month.

The build-up to the fight had been overshadowed by shocking personal attacks made by Danis to Paul’s fiancee Nina Agdal.

Danis had shared an X-rated video Agdal discussing her sexual cravings online, leading to her filing a lawsuit which claimed he had posted ‘despicable’ things about her more than 250 times since the bout was announced. 

Danis, has now fallen victim to sick taunts online about his mother, after posting a photo on his Instagram account to celebrate her birthday.

Dillon Danis has been trolled on social media after uploading a photo on his mum’s birthday

Danis posted a tribute to his mum but the MMA star received abuse comments in response

Danis had been slammed for his conduct in the build-up to his fight with Logan Paul, left, having made a series of personal attacks about his fiancee Nina Agdal

‘My life, happy birthday to my idol love you to the moon and back in this life and the next,’ Danis wrote.

The MMA fighter has received abusive messages following the post, both mocking his mum’s appearance and referencing his previous comments about Agdal.

‘Is that your great great granny?’ one Instagram user commented.

‘How tf can you talk about Nina when your mom looks like this?’ wrote another, with a third writing ‘Nina is better’.

Another wrote ‘Mom needs to lay off the plastic surgery’.

The comments have continued the unsavoury build-up and aftermath of Danis’ fight with Paul, which saw their trash talking labelled as ‘toxic’.

Danis’ conduct had been heavily criticised over his continued attacks on Agdal.

Agdal, 31, said in her £122,000 ($150,000) lawsuit that she had suffered humiliation, emotional distress and reputational harm at the hands of Danis.

Danis posted a shocking video of Agdal explicitly talking about her need for sex

Agdal alleged Danis targeted her with posts over 250 times since the bout was announced

Paul claimed he had forgiven Danis for his comments about Agdal ahead of their showdown

Agdal also filed for a temporary restraining order against Danis, after he posted half-naked photos of her online.

‘Danis posted the photograph – entirely uncensored – from his X (Twitter) account, without Plaintiff’s consent,’ Agdal wrote in the suit. ‘Later that day, Danis reposted the explicit photograph in order to maximise the number of views it would receive.’

Agdal claimed Danis agreed to remove the post only after the organisers of his fight with Paul, Misfits Boxing, threatened to cancel the showdown unless he deleted it.

Danis responded to the suit via X, informing his followers that he could not offer much comment at this time. ‘Nina Adgal has filed a massive lawsuit against me.’

In a pre-fight chat with Dazn at the AO Arena in Manchester, Paul said he had forgiven Danis for his offences in the run-up to their clash in the ring.

He said: ‘I reached a little bit of a zen moment last night because he has made it so personal. How do you not go in there wanting to murder this human being?

Danis was disqualified late in the fight after attempting to take Paul down in a jiu-jitsu move

‘The answer is I forgive him. I forgive Dillon. I’m just going to go in there and do my job, stay focused and do what I have to do tonight.’

Agdal arrived at the arena to cheer on her partner wearing a black dress, and surrounded by four security guards.

Paul was declared the winner of the fight earlier this month, after Danis attempted to take him down with a jiu-jitsu move in the final round of their bout.

The move prompted a mass brawl in the ring and saw him disqualified from the contest.

Danis, who has attempted to appeal his disqualification, was trolled by Paul online after the fight. 

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