Dillian Whyte slams ‘stupid’ Deontay Wilder over trainer axe following Tyson Fury defeat

Deontay Wilder is “stupid” for thinking about sacking his trainer Mark Breland for throwing the towel in during the Bronze Bomber’s clash with Tyson Fury at the weekend. That’s the view of Dillian Whyte, who wasn’t surprised that Wilder was beaten so easily.

Wilder was knocked around the ring by a menacing Fury before the bout ended after seven rounds.

The Alabama native was dropped twice and had his ear stitched up after the fight which ended after Breland threw the towel in.

Wilder came out after the fight and explained he was upset at Breland’s decision, before putting his position as second-in-command trainer in jeopardy.

But Whyte thinks Wilder would be “stupid” to get rid of Breland.

“This just shows how stupid Deontay Wilder is. Mark Breland is the only real fighter in his corner,” he told iFL TV.

“He was the only one who had sense, the other guys allowed him to get killed and destroyed. Breland made the smart call.


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“He knows what’s like, he’s been in hard fights before, he’s the only one that’s got sense.

“Wilder is a real ignorant guy, if he gets rid of Breland then he’s more stupid than he looks.”

Whyte also said he wasn’t surprised by the way Wilder lost.

“I wasn’t surprised because Deontay Wilder is terrible,” Whyte added.


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“Every time he gets hit he’s in trouble. Tyson is a million times the boxer Wilder is.

“All Wilder has is the right hand, which he doesn’t mask or disguise.”

Wilder also excused his loss by claiming the 45lb costume he wore to the ring before the fight deadened his legs.  

“Jesus Christ,” Whyte said about Wilder’s excuse.

“This guy is stressing me out. For a costume like that you need to have like four or five fittings. It’s the norm.

“He must’ve known it was too heavy. The guy us a giant, he’s 6ft 7in, how can a 40lb costume take your legs away? It’s a 100 metre walk.

“Wilder talks s**t. You see all the disney actors and stage actors who wear costumes and they’re running around all day, they don’t complain.

“He lost to the better man, he got beat up, he got dominated, he got a spanking. Tyson slapped Wilder about like he was his b***h.”

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