Conor McGregor’s £2.4m Lamborghini superyacht – with £400k of ‘final touches’

Almost 12 months after announcing his £2.4million splurge on a Lamborghini superyacht, Conor McGregor is finally sailing the seas on arguably his most lavish purchase to date.

McGregor, 33, confirmed the expenditure in July 2021, not long after his most recent outing in the UFC. The Dubliner was at the time recovering from his second straight defeat to Dustin Poirier, having broken his leg in devastating fashion at the end of the opening round in Las Vegas.

And what better was to bounce back from such disappointment than with a gift costing more than most people will earn in two lifetimes? As if the shelf price wasn't vast enough, McGregor splashed another £390,000 customising the boat with branding from his whiskey company, Proper No. Twelve.

That custom work is reportedly why McGregor has only now been able to get his hands on the creation. He's a fan of the Lamborghini brand, it seems, considering the yacht comes in addition to a legion of cars that has included a Lamborghini Aventador, the Aventador Road Roaster and a Huracan AV10.

The 24-ton, 63-foot long machine was designed and put together by the Italian Sea Group and Tecnomar, in collaboration with the Italian car manufacturer. McGregor fittingly dubbed his new toy the "Supercar of the Sea" in a video where he's seen piloting it for the first time.

In the video, the former UFC featherweight and lightweight champion can be seen opening up the yacht to its top speeds as he proclaims: "It's going sideways!" Despite the daring stunt, McGregor appears to be at ease alongside family and friends, singing as music booms out of the boat's considerable sound system.

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As he nears the one-year anniversary of his most recent UFC outing, 'The Notorious' has given fans hope of a comeback with recent training updates. That being said, followers have also spotted changes in the fighter's motion, with some criticising a March upload as "slow and stiff."

The former Cage Warriors champion has bulked up considerably during his time out of the Octagon. But despite the transformation, McGregor has suggested he'll return at lightweight (155 pounds) or welterweight (170lbs) when he does make his comeback.

As his business interests to continue to flourish outside the cage, it's only to be expected that McGregor's purchases become more grand in kind. However, fans of the mixed martial arts star can only hope training his sea legs helps in his recovery from last year's snapped ankle.

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