Bridges dons iconic weigh-in underwear again as she embraces being a woman

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Ebanie Bridges once again donned her iconic skimpy weigh-in lingerie as she 'embraced being a woman' in her latest saucy snap.

The Blonde Bomber took to Instagram to share a passionate post about femininity and subsequently set tongues wagging by sporting her memorable turquoise underwear combo for a second time. Bridges previously wore the garments ahead of her IBF bantamweight title-winning bout with Maria Cecilia Roman in Leeds at the end of March.

The lingerie worked a charm during that weigh-in, with Eddie Hearn even left red-faced and not knowing where to look, as the Aussie went on to beat her Argentine opponent on points after 10 rounds. It's fair to say the eyebrow-raising outfit was approved of by adoring fans, who were once again treated to a taste of Bridges in turquoise as she declared her love of being female on social media.

The 35-year-old posted two posing pics of herself back in the blue and white lingerie, accompanied by the words: "The essence of femininity is to absolutely embrace being a woman! Being feminine is a strength not a weakness, women should feel empowered and strong without giving up their femininity. #Femininity #Women #WomenEmpowerment #Beauty #EmbraceYourFemininity #Girls #Lingerie #BlondeBomber"

Unlike some celebs, the Blonde Bomber clearly has no shame in wearing her clothes on more than one occasion. In a recent interview with Australian outlet Herald Sun, which Bridges promoted on her Instagram story, she said: "Why would I go and buy f***ing underwear that I would never wear again?

"And because everyone wears Calvin Klein matching underwear, should I go and buy the same? No way. I want to wear underwear that I actually like. I was a bodybuilder for 10 years of my life, so I would stand on stage with a G-string, flexing, posing and looking pretty.

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"For me, wearing a nice matching lingerie set is just like wearing a bikini like I did on stage. I am standing there owning what I look like, and showing off my body that I've worked so hard to get.

"I want to be myself and go and enjoy that one moment. A weigh-in for me is like a bodybuilding competition. I do my hair and make-up, wear a cute little G-string, and smile for the cameras."

Bridges went on dismiss speculation she often opts for a scantily clad image in order to sell fights, insisting she is simply "being real" and "not hiding her femininity" in a sport dominated by men. She added: "It has nothing to do with, 'Oh, this is going to sell (fights)'. Thankfully it does. What I like to do sells. How I like to fight sells. But it's just me being me and doing what I do.

"I push that message. Be you, be real. It's not female empowerment. But I'm not hiding my femininity because I'm in a male-dominated sport. People think it's me wearing lingerie that fans want to see, but it's not the lingerie that gets seven million views.

"It's the whole thing. The way I move, the confidence I have, because I am an ex-bodybuilder and is what I do naturally. I do it because I f***ing love it."

The Blonde Bomber posted the sizzling snap shortly before sharing a video to her Instagram in which she brutally 'knocked out' a male boxer in a playful skit. The former SAS Australia star was then seen standing over her floored opponent before blasting him as "pathetic".

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