Boxing official hailed after being struck in the face by a left hook

‘That referee has got a CHIN’: Boxing official is hailed after being struck in the face by a left hook from Mexican fighter Mario Aguilar as fans laud him for ‘eating’ the fierce punch

  • A boxing official was hit square in the face during a fight on Saturday night 
  • Mexican Mario Aguilar punched him after his opponent moved out of the way 
  • Aguilar was trying to catch Brandon Glanton – who ultimately won the fight 
  • The pair were fighting it out for the vacant WBO Global title on Saturday night 

A boxing referee was punched square in the face during Saturday’s night clash between Mexican star Mario Aguilar and Brandon Glanton.

Aguilar was facing unbeaten cruiserweight prospect Glanton when the incident took place. The pair were fighting it out for the vacant WBO Global title. 

Aguilar headed into the fight as the underdog and suffered a second round knock out after Glanton unleashed a left hook to the body. 

Mexican star Mario Aguilar accidently punched the referee while trying to hit his opponent

As a result, Glanton secured his 17th consecutive victory. However, the 30-year-old’s triumph was not what caught people’s attention on Saturday night. 

Instead, it was the moment Aguilar punched the referee square in the face after Glanton moved out of the way. 

The referee stumbled backwards but shrugged the incident off and instantly returned to officiating he fight. 

Fans were quick to take to social media to praise the referee. One supporter wrote: ‘THE REFEREE HAS GOT A CHIN.’ While another fan said: ‘Blimey the referee took that one well. Fair play!’. 

One Twitter user added: ‘[Amir] Khan would have been doing the chicken dance after that landed.’ While another said: ‘What the clip doesn’t show is the ref coming back with a steel chair.’

Others took to the social media platform to write:  

Boxing promoter Loui DiBella also wrote: ‘Wow, this actually happened tonight. Best punch of the round lands flush on the ref.’ 

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