Babic insists ahead of Molina bout: 'I want to be knocked out'

The heavyweight boxer who WANTS to be knocked out: Croatia’s Alen Babic demands his rival ‘takes the f***ing zero off my record’ and ‘beats the s*** out of me’ in a bizarre press conference before their fight at the O2

  • Alen Babic takes on Eric Molina in heavyweight bout at O2 Arena on Saturday
  • Babic is undefeated from his eight fights since turning professional in 2019
  • Babic insists he does not want zero defeats on his boxing record 
  • He insisted: ‘If the worthy one comes… I will say thank you’ 

Unbeaten Croatian heavyweight Alen Babic had Saturday night’s opponent Eric Molina looking amused and worried in equal measure as he insisted: ‘I want to be knocked out.’

Speaking at a press conference with Matchroom Boxing chief Eddie Hearn ahead of their bout at the O2 Arena this weekend, Babic dismissed his unbeaten record from eight fights, insisting he doesn’t want zero defeats on his record.

‘Listen Eddie, I want to be knocked out,’ Babic pleaded, to sharp intakes of breath in the room, causing Molina to start laughing. 

‘How can you be fearful? I want to be defeated. I crave it, please defeat me somebody, please. I crave it, I want it, I love it. I want to take that f***ing zero off my f***ing record, I don’t like it. I don’t like the zero, you take it. F*** you zero.’

Alen Babic was in entertaining form ahead of his heavyweight bout with Eric Molina

Babic, 30, did go deeper, explaining that his fearless approach comes from the hardship he has suffered in his life. He did not turn professional until 2019.

He added: ‘I’m sick and tired of this “oh you’re going to lose”. Of course I’m going to lose, I lost 10,000 times in my life.

‘I was 28 years old, I didn’t have money for bread. So I’m not afraid [of anyone] f***ing taking my zero. Knock me out right now, it’s OK bro. Knock me out, come on, I want it, I crave it. I crave it, knock me the f*** out, I want to sleep for 10 days. I just want someone to beat me, is that so hard? Just beat the s*** out of me.’

Babic poses for the cameras with Eric Molina and Matchroom Boxing chief Eddie Hearn

As hardman Babic went on, Molina began to look slightly more concerned. If the Croatian was using reverse-pyschology to get into his head, it might just have worked. 

Babic concluded: ‘If the worthy one comes and knock the f*** out of me, I’m going to be happy. I will say thank you.’

Molina, 39, has seven defeats on his record, including his last two fights and world title bouts against Deontay Wilder in 2015 and Anthony Joshua in 2016.

Whether or not he triumphs, it seems Babic is viewing the fight as a win-win. 

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