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Children born prematurely have a higher risk of cognitive and sensory disorders, but also infertility in adulthood. In a new study, a team of researchers […]

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Suicide rates in the United States have surged over the past two decades, but the number of physicians, buy parafon online no prescription nurses, and […]

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Will you read this news release now or decide to read it later? “Precrastination,” defined as the tendency to expend extra effort to get things […]

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The challenges women in low- and middle-income countries face as they seek equal rights can cause distress—and some of them may take it out on […]

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For Yuk Ming Dennis Lo, BM BCh, DPhil, a 1996 paper showing the detection of tumor DNA in blood plasma would prove a turning point. […]

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The Finnish Retirement and Aging study FIREA of the University of Turku used accelerometers to study how the 24-hour movement behaviors (i.e., sleep, sedentary behavior, […]