Sexiest woman alive Paige Spiranac stands by defence of gymnast Olivia Dunne

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    Paige Spiranac has doubled down on her defence of gorgeous student gymnast Olivia Dunne after she was criticised for her success with endrosements.

    Dunne, who is understood to have $2million-a-year during her time as a student athlete at Louisiana State University, was the subject of a New York Times hit piece, report the NY Post. She had been targeted due to her success with NIL endorsements, which allow athletes to earn money by signing a contract to set them up to market their name, image and likeness.

    Spiranac had come to her defence on Twitter last week and has now stood by her comments in a video shared on the social media platform.

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    In the video, captioned "I said what I said", the social media influencer explained: "So, there has been a tonne of discussion around female athletes and showing off their bodies.

    "People are saying: 'stop over-sexualising yourself, you're taking women back, no one's going to take you seriously'. I think that is a big, stinking pile of s***."

    Spiranac, who was ranked No.1 in Maxim's Hot 100 earlier this year, then went on to list the highest-paid female athletes in the world and praised "bada****" Serena Williams and Simone Biles.

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    Later in the minute-long clip, Spiranac also explained the double standard as she shared images of David Beckham, Tom Brady, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Phelps, Lebron James and Michael Jordan posing topless for brand deals.

    Spiranac's latest comments come after she had leaped to Dunne's defence on Twitter last week, writing: “I’m so sick of women belittling accomplishments of other women because it’s done differently than they would.

    "@livvydunne is getting hate for making 2 million a year. She’s built a successful business (at 20) all while being a student-athlete. That’s bada**.”

    Former Cactus Tour professional golfer Spiranac was a college athlete herself during her time at the University of Arizona and San Diego State. She has since gone on to forge a successful social media career and currently has 3.7million followers on Instagram.

    Those comments came after a story by Kurt Steeter discussed concerns over the new flow of NIL money to female college athletes, which he feels "rewards traditional feminine desirability over athletic excellence".

    Steeter added that Stanford women's basketball coach Tara VanDerveer “sees the part of the NIL revolution that focuses on beauty as regressive for female athletes”.

    Dunne, who has 2.3million followers on Instagram, had herself fired back at her critics following the release of the article. She posted an image to Instagram, in which she tagged the New York Times and wrote: “Is this too much?”


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