Paige Spiranac scoffed “delicious” baby food on golf course – on mum’s orders

Paige Spiranac has revealed how she used eat baby food on the golf course because she was too nervous to munch down normal food.

The stunning former professional golfer turned model and social media influencer is best known for her trick shots or saucy snaps these days.

But back in the day she would spend long, hard days on the golf course or be at tournaments, where she says her mother always used to make her eat lots to keep her strength and focus up.

But she admits that she was never really in the mood to scoff her face on the fairway, so her mum made her eat meat sticks meant for babies as a protein boost.

She said on her Playing A Round podcast: "Normally for breakfast, I would get so nervous it was hard for me to have an appetite so I would normally eat eggs or oatmeal.

"Then before the round my mum would force feed me a banana basically. She was always like, 'You have to eat and stay hydrated.'

"My mum used to feed me baby food, like actual baby food as snacks on the golf course.

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"It's not like the mushy baby food, we had these little meat sticks that are really high in protein and easy to eat on the golf course.

"So I would always eat a banana, those baby food meat sticks and a protein drink.

"I was pretty much having baby food all the time. It was in the baby food section but there were quite delicious.

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  • "In college, I would do peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

    "I was not a big eater on the golf course – I could not get myself to eat because I was always so nervous, even throughout the round."

    Nowadays she admits that she loves nothing more than coming off the course for a hotdog and an ice cream, but she doesn’t reach for a beer or a glass of wine.

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    "Definitely a hot dog,” she added when asked for her go-to food after a round. “There is nothing better than a golf course hot dog. I can only eat my hot dogs with ketchup.

    "No [doesn't have a cold beer], I don't like the taste of alcohol, I don't mind beer but it reminds me of beer pong and bad college parties, I hate wine, I don't mind a piña colada.

    "And even when I was playing tournaments, ice cream. Good or bad round, I had to get ice cream."

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