Nick Kyrgios’ mind-boggling total fines paid – and where all the money goes to

Nick Kyrgios has racked up a staggering number of fines in his tennis career adding up to nearly A$800,000 – £452,000.

The Australian hot head is in fact the most-fined player in the history of the sport. And he's extended that record twice at this year's Wimbledon already.

After being docked £8,211 for spitting at spectators following his first round victory over Brit Paul Jubb, Kyrgios has now received his second fine of the tournament in the form of £3,300. It comes after his fiery third-round encounter with fourth seed Stefanos Tsitsipas, during which he swore at the umpire and demanded his opponent be defaulted for hitting a ball into the crowd.

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Speaking on the Turn up the Talk podcast last month, he revealed: "All the fines that I get fined go to charity. That's for everyone. So every time we get fined, they're like it's going to charity. I was like, 'I don't know why you would tell me that'.

"I would probably have in my entire career – man, I have been hit with some big ones – but I don't think all the time it has been fair, to be honest. But I would say I'd be approaching 800 grand, I reckon."

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Kyrgios also holds the record for the biggest fine ever – an eye-watering £131,000 for a code of conduct violation in a 2019 clash with Karen Khachanov. But he believes he receives unfair treatment due to his reputation.

"I feel like if you look at what some other players have done and you put me in that position, I would have been suspended for like three or four years," Kyrgios argued.

"There was a player who hit a ball in like anger at an umpire and it hit his eye and the umpire had to get surgery. He didn't deliberately aim at him but he snapped.

"He's supposed to skyrocket the ball, hit the umpire in the eye, got fined five grand. And like I got fined £15,000 at this tournament for kind of like doing this thing with a water bottle.

"£15,000, that's like 30 grand. I was like, this guy put a guy in the ICU for his eye and I'm just having a bit of fun with my [bottle]."

Kyrgios was referencing Denis Shapovalov, who was fined $7,000 (£5,623) for the incident at the 2017 Davis Cup which left umpire Arnaud Gabas requiring surgery.


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