Aaron Rodgers goes full Nicolas Cage ‘Con Air’ cosplay to leave NFL fans bemused

It's not often players get to rub shoulders with Hollywood royalty at training camp, but NFL legend-in-waiting Aaron Rodgers had his fellow Green Bay Packers doing double takes on Tuesday.

The 38-year-old used Nicolas Cage's iconic 'Con Air' lead as his muse when preparing for the first day of pre-season. After falling short in last year's Divisional Playoffs, perhaps the Cheeseheads could use a bit of Cage-inspired motivation.

Fictional Cameron Poe made a white tank top, boots and blue jeans cool for precisely one summer in the late nineties. A quarter-of-a-century on and it's unsurprising the 18-year veteran's look wasn't unanimously well-received.

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"Damnit I love him," tweeted one Packers fan who was clearly in favour of the look (or at least the sentiment behind the tribute). Another predicted this could be the precursor that leads Rodgers back to American football's holy grail, 12 years after he first became champion, writing: "3rd straight MVP and 2nd Super Bowl MVP incoming."

Others failed to see the funny side in Cage's homage and piled on at the first opportunity. "Aaron Rodgers re-emerges every summer with a whole new personality he got from whatever movie he last watched," wrote editor Kelly Connolly.

Some of Rodgers' team-mates themselves may have required some explanation as to what was going on. That's because many of the new arrivals—such as first-round picks Quay Walker and Devonte Wyatt—were born after the film's 1997 release.

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Con Air tells the story of a humble saviour who leads a small team of unlikely heroes to beat the odds and earn his freedom. Rodgers' quest to win Super Bowl LVII is almost identical, except he's not as svelte as 1996 Cage, there are fewer inmates and 'freedom' is the Vince Lombardi Trophy.

There's every chance the Packers will make the post-season once again, just as they have done after winning the NFC North in the past three years. They haven't won an NFC Championship since they last won the Super Bowl in 2011, however, falling short of expectations on numerous occasions.

Rodgers will hope to change that record and fly the team to salvation in Glendale, Arizona, come February 2023. The Buffalo Bills are currently Super Bowl favourites heading into the new season, with Tampa Bay, Kansas City and the Los Angeles Rams also ahead of the Packers in the odds.


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